Startup Basics

Begin your startup journey through guided learning and reflection activities. Learn in your own time, at your own pace, alongside the online community.

What is Techscaler Startup Basics?

A free online self-paced programme available to everyone via Techscaler’s online community platform, designed to demystify startups, teach you the fundamentals of building and growing a startup. Suitable for people exploring a career in startups or for anyone with an idea or an interest in startups who’s not sure how best to get started.

The programme includes video interviews from founders and early startup employees, as well as reflection exercises to help people think about their own circumstances, develop an idea they might have, and cultivate a learning-based approach to creating a new business. Reflection exercises accompanying each video also offer more experienced startup operators an opportunity to reflect and refocus when they’re further along the journey.

Course delivery and format

Anyone can take part in our Startup Basics course via our Online Community Platform. The course is self-paced and self-guided - you can begin at any time and work at your own speed.

All you need to do is apply for Techscaler membership and you can get started.

Syllabus topics and outcomes

Startup Basics

  • Module 1: Startups and how they grow

    Learn about what a startup is, uncertainty and risk, how startups grow, startup success, the startup lifecycle and more

  • Module 2: Where do startup ideas come from?

    Find out where startup ideas come from and building solutions around solving problems

  • Module 3: What skills do I need?

    Establish the skills you already have, understand how they’re applicable to startups, and identify the areas you might require help from others

  • Module 4: Working with others

    Understand the different types of collaborator you might work with on your startup, the practicalities of these working relationships and how to network strategically.

  • Module 5: Culture, values and leadership

    Learn about building great company culture and values from the start, and how this could benefit your business.

    Module 6: Funding a Startup

    Explore the fundamentals and jargon of funding and investment and start thinking about choosing the right funding path for your business.

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