From pre-startup to scaleup, Techscaler education courses help people at every stage of starting and scaling a tech business.

Business startup courses are supported by experienced peers and mentors, and by taking part Techscaler members who enrol on our education courses can navigate the journey from idea consideration through finding product/market fit (PMF) to scaling up sustainably.

Startup Basics is an online self-paced programme.

The course is designed to demystify startups for people who want to explore if a career as a startup founder or employee is for them. It’s a programme for anyone with an idea or an interest in startups but who’s not sure how best to get started.

The programme includes video interviews from founders and early employees, as well as reflection exercises to help people think about their own circumstances, to develop an idea they might have, and to cultivate a learning-based approach to creating a new business. The reflection exercises also offer more experienced startup operators an opportunity to reflect and refocus when they’re further along the journey.

Startup First Steps is designed for individuals committed to exploring the viability and opportunity of a startup idea in a specific sector/market/problem area. You may still be at the idea stage of this, or further along and have some sort of product that you’re testing the viability of. Startup First Steps is designed to support founders in the ideation to MVP stage of startup development.

Topics covered during Startup First Steps include exploring the needs and opportunity of your customers and broader market, how to develop your solution in a low risk, iterative way, what it looks like to actually launch your product, and then how investment and company operations wrap around the startup building journey. By the end of the course, it’s hoped that you have the confidence to start or continue building your product and customers, as well as move your startup along past MVP stage.

Our cohort-based approach is designed to help them build meaningful and long-lasting connections with fellow founders building alongside each other in Scotland.

Startup Next Steps is a practical course, designed for founders and senior team members looking to scale their product which is already live in the market, with active users.

A ten-week, live course for founders and their senior teams looking to scale their product which is already in the market, with active users. Learn how to grow your business and prepare for scaling your product, team and customers.

Course sessions are highly collaborative, balancing lectures from industry experts, founders at different stages of the startup journey, as well as practical activities and group discussions to apply session teachings.

For the advanced scaleup training stage of the Techscaler education pathway, CodeBase has teamed up with global scaleup education platform Reforge, which has a range of programmes to support established startups and scaleups to grow beyond product/market fit and accelerate their growth opportunities.

Reforge membership combines participation in cohort-based programmes with on-demand access to content and community to help your company scale, giving founders and their teams the tools to scale up their software product business. Topics covered include Growth, Product/Market fit, Marketing, Engineering and Product, and membership is designed to best suit specialist teams within scaleups rather than only founders.