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We'll help you start and scale your tech startup in Scotland

Techscaler is a programme for creating, developing and scaling tech startups. We connect you with the experts, teach you world-class playbooks, and host spaces for fellow founders and startup folk to work and hang out.

Serving the startup
ecosystem in Scotland

From considering a career in startups, to developing, building, and scaling your idea, Techscaler has tailored support for everyone in Scotland who wants to build a startup. We offer our Community and Member access to world-class education, a peer-led community, and flexible workspaces.
Early Stage

in Startups

If you're curious about startups, want to explore if a career in startups is for you, or are thinking of creating a tech startup soon, Techscaler Community is for you.
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  • Startup: Basics
    Introductory online course
  • Founders video interviews
  • Open community discussions and groups
    Attend meetups and community events
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Wider Startup Ecosystem

If you or your organisation supports the startup ecosystem and you'd like to get involved as a partner, mentor, or friend of the community, this is for you.
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  • Become a Techscaler mentor
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  • Host events at Techscaler hubs for the startup community
  • Interested in investing in Techscaler startups

What you get with Techscaler  Membership

1:1 Mentoring & advice

Guidance and support from experts, including industry operators, educators, founders, and investors.

Peer-led community

Surround yourself with fellow founders and startup peers. Build connections across the tech startup ecosystem.

Seven workspace hubs

Flexible hotdesking, coworking, dedicated offices, meeting rooms and event space in our seven Scottish hubs.

Events & meetups

In-person, online, and hybrid events where you can meet and spend time with fellow founders, expand your network, and hear talks from industry experts.

Ecosystem Connections

Tap into our network of academic, corporate, industry and technical experts from across our Scottish, UK and Global networks.

Resources & Playbooks

Get access to curated content, toolkits, and playbooks created by founders and practitioners with real startup growth experience.

Startup First Steps

For early stage founders at pre-seed or MVP
Ten-week course, cohort style learning
Learn early stage startup best practices
Apply startup playbooks to your business

Startup Next Steps

For founders looking for early traction tactics and long-term growth strategies beyond MVP
Twelve-week course, cohort style learning, designed as a follow-up to Startup First Steps
Learn to build teams, manage operational aspects, navigate funding cycles, and more

Reforge Membership

The world's leading career development platform for top-tier professionals in tech
Reforge memberships and cohort programmes free to qualifying startup founders and leaders
CodeBase partnership brings Silicon Valley playbooks and best practices to Scotland

Enterprise Agency Support

Techscaler has partnered with Scotland’s national economic development agencies
Support navigating the business support and funding landscape in Scotland to get the support startups and scaleups need
Find out what support is available to you to help start and grow your business, and what the best option is for you
Techscaler mentors will help you figure out how best to approach different sources of support

NHS Innovation Hubs

Techscaler is partnering with the Chief Scientist Office to support the development of skills that will fast-track ideation and growth of innovative health solutions
Startup support for clinicians, healthcare professionals, and medtech innovators
Suitable for: Medical and care workers, NHS and private healthcare professionals, Academic and industry health professionals, Medtech and Healthtech founding teams

Community or Membership:
which is right for me?

Techscaler offers tailored support for people at every stage of the startup journey, see if joining the Community or Techscaler Membership is right for you

Community: Events and meetups
Community open forums
Community dedicated groups
Education: Startup Basics
Education: Startup First Steps
Education: Reforge Membership
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Dedicated Offices
Meeting Rooms
Event Hosting Space
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events & meetups

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Techscaler. If you can't find the answer to your question here please get in touch.

What is the Startup Basics course?

Startup Basics is a self-paced online course that’s free for anyone to take part in. We’ve designed it to demystify startups for people who want to discover whether a career as a startup founder or employee is for them!

This course includes video interviews from founders and early employees, as well as reflection exercises to help you think about your own circumstances, to develop an idea you might have, and to cultivate a learning-based approach to creating a new business.

Startup Basics is for you if any of the following apply:

  • You might be curious about how tech startups businesses are created and how they grow
  • You might be thinking of creating a tech startup now or in the future
  • You might be thinking about joining a startup as an employee
  • You might already be working on an idea but feel like you don’t know what to do with it

Startup Basics is free for anyone to take part in, and you can work through the content at whatever pace suits you. This programme is hosted on Mighty Networks, the platform we use for our community to come together online - sign up to take part and to join the community!

What is the Startup First Steps course?

First cohort beings April 19th 2023, applications close April 5th 2023. Find out more and register interest here.

Startup First Steps is a hands-on ten week online and in-person course designed for founders or prospective founders who are at the very early stages of their startup journey.

You’ll learn how to discover, develop and test ideas, build confidence in your plan, collaborate with others and fund your early stage work. Our cohort-based approach is designed to help you build meaningful and long-lasting connections with fellow founders.

Startup First Steps is for Techscaler members who:

  • have completed our Startup Basics programme and you’re ready to commit further to your startup journey
  • are looking to actively develop a startup from the idea stage
  • are focused on developing a business with a software product at its core
  • are keen to learn and discuss core startup principles alongside a cohort of like-minded peers from across Scotland

During the course, we’ll cover frameworks and playbooks for startup creation, including:

  • How to find a promising and accessible market and customer problems to focus on
  • Finding your potential customers, and methods for discovering what they need
  • Frameworks for practising continuous learning, product discovery and innovation
  • Discovering your culture and values, and putting inclusivity and sustainability at the heart of your early journey
  • How to pitch your idea, and how to secure the funding and investment that’s right for your ambitions

Startup First Steps is free for Techscaler members who are at an appropriate stage with their startup. If you’re interested in applying for our first cohort in spring 2023, please apply for Techscaler membership.

What is the Startup Next Steps course?

Startup Next Steps is an intensive ten week online and in-person course for startup founders who are looking to grow traction around their product and get to product/market fit.

You’ll focus on what’s needed to go from minimum viable product to viable business, and how to grow, lead and support your team as you grow. Our cohort-based approach is designed to help you build meaningful and long-lasting connections with fellow founders at a similar stage to you.

Startup Next Steps may be what you’re looking for if:

  • You’ve completed our Startup First Steps programme and you’ve committed to working on your startup idea
  • You have already launched your software product, and are busy iterating and exploring growth opportunities
  • You’ve been working on your startup for a while, and you’re looking for something to kickstart your next phase of growth
  • You’re keen to connect with and learn alongside a cohort of growth-focused tech startup entrepreneurs based across Scotland

During the programme, we’ll explore what it takes to get from minimum viable product to product/market fit, including:

  • Building a team and recruiting the right talent
  • How to move from founder to leader, and usher your team through the early stages of growing a startup
  • Managing the operational, financial and legal aspects of your startup as it grows
  • The importance of pursuing both early traction tactics and long-term growth strategies
  • Securing investment and navigating the funding cycle
  • Understanding product/market fit and how to get there

Startup Next Steps is free for Techscaler members who are at an appropriate stage with their startup. If you’re interested in applying for our first cohort in autumn 2023, please apply for Techscaler membership.

What is Reforge?

Reforge is a global scaleup education platform. Membership combines participation in cohort-based programmes with on-demand access to content and community to help your company scale. Techscaler provides funded Reforge memberships to help established startups and scaleups based in Scotland grow beyond product/market fit.

Starting in spring 2023, we will be offering Reforge memberships free of charge to qualifying Techscaler members and their key employees.

The Techscaler Reforge programme is appropriate for your business if all of the following are true:

  • You are a Techscaler member.
  • Your have a product in the market which is close to - or has achieved - product/market fit
  • You have senior leaders or key staff dedicated to cross-functional growth, product management, marketing or engineering strategy that can benefit from Reforge programmes, content and community.

If you’d like to take advantage of the Techscaler Reforge programme, please don’t apply for Reforge directly through their website - we can’t reimburse any membership fees you pay to Reforge.

We want to help qualifying Scottish businesses get the most out of Reforge, so we will provide additional support, including:

  • For those in the mentorship programme, guidance from mentors on getting the most impact from Reforge memberships and programmes
  • The opportunity to participate in local or national study groups for each programme
  • Techscaler and Reforge joint events - watch this space!

What is the Techscaler mentorship programme?

The Techscaler mentorship program gives an opportunity to meet with experienced startup operators and build a transformational relationship for business and professional growth.Our pool of mentors have lots of hands-on startup experience, and come from a variety of different backgrounds, skill areas and sectors.

Who is mentorship for?

Mentorship is available to all Techscaler members, provided we can match you with a suitable mentor and have available places. Please apply for Techscaler membership here.

How does mentorship work?

We will match you with a mentor based on your company stage, business sector, current challenges / opportunities and focus. You will meet with a mentor at least once a quarter for at least an hour. Sessions are designed to explore the details of your business, help you develop appropriate strategies, next step actions and areas to focus on. We will create a feedback loop so you can make the most of the relationship, directing you to relevant resources and matching you to other experts as you move forward through different stages of company growth.

When will mentor sessions start?

We will start to match mentors with Techscaler members early in 2023 and expect introductory sessions to start soon after that.

Can I choose my own mentor?

In order to manage demand and to offer mentorship to as many Techscaler members as possible, we will use the details you provide on your membership application to match you with an appropriate mentor. There will be opportunities to review matches as your needs change over time.

What will I get out of mentorship?

We believe a positive mentor relationship can have a big impact on a startup’s fortunes.

  • Avoid the big mistakes: Learn from mentors’ successes and failures as founders or key operators in their own startups and avoid common missteps that many first-time founders make
  • Get perspective: Talk through your challenges with somebody who can empathise with you and give you frameworks and tools for addressing them
  • Get guidance without an agenda: Techscaler mentors have no agenda other than to help to the best of their ability, meaning they can provide honest, authentic and sometimes challenging advice without ulterior motives.
  • There for the long game: Mentoring relationships are best developed over time, so you can benefit from your mentor’s understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish, and where you’ve been so far.
  • Focus on specialised challenges: Our mentors offer a broad range of perspectives and experience. If you’d like to focus on a specific challenge, we can usually arrange a session with a mentor who has the specialised experience to help.

Where are the Techscaler hubs and regions?

There are seven Techscaler regions across Scotland

  • Stirling | our Central Scotland hub is located at CodeBase Stirling, just a 5 minute walk from the Stirling train station
  • Edinburgh | our Edinburgh & Lothians hub is located at CodeBase Edinburgh, right next to the iconic Edinburgh Castle
  • Glasgow | our Glasgow & West Scotland hub is located at the Glasgow Eagle Lab, based in Glasgow’s historic Beco building
  • Inverness | our Highlands & Islands hub is located at Wasps Inverness Creative Academy in the heart of Inverness
  • Aberdeen | our North East hub is located at ONE Tech Hub in Aberdeen
  • Dundee | our Dundee & Tayside hub is located at The Abertay cyberQuarter in Dundee.
  • Dumfries | our South of Scotland hub will open soon

What do I get with a hot desk?

A single desk of space for developers, creatives, entrepreneurs, designers, product managers, markers and digital marketers to drop in. We like people who want to collaborate with our community and make awesome things happen.

Is Hotdesking quiet?

Nope, hotdesking isn't a space for peace and quiet. The best part about it is the hubbub of startup chat. This is where ideas grow and people make connections.

If you're looking for a more private, quiet space, try our coworking space and our dedicated office space (or just pop on some noise-cancelling headphones).

Can I work alongside someone else?

Looking for a little more flexibility? CoWorking offers a fixed desk, use of meeting rooms as well as access to our awesome community. Work alongside a diverse range of developers and entrepreneurs in friendly open spaces.

Can I get dedicated office space?

Grow your team in one of our bespoke office spaces, which can accommodate from 2 to 80+ staff. Build, scale and hire from one of the Techscaler hubs, with a community environment curated with tech businesses in mind.

Can I book a space to host an event?

Bring your event to one of our Techscaler event spaces located across Scotland, with the support of regional community teams to bring it to life. Availability, capacity, and terms vary depending on location. For more information, send us a message below.

Can I come and see the hub workspaces?

Absolutely. Pop along between Monday and Friday and one of our dedicated on-site team members will give you an overview and show you the spaces on offer. If you'd like a more formal tour, get in touch to arrange some time with one of our regional heads of site.

our guiding
first principles

Education, community, and place are the key pillars of startup growth
our first principles
Building startups is teachable. For founders, being playbook-literate helps you communicate and build your idea better and faster.
Building startups is hard, but you don't have to do it alone. Making connections along the startup journey gives you a network of like-minded people to learn from and lean on.

Building startups is best done in the company of other startup people. Meetups, events, common spaces, and in-person gatherings allow you to surround yourself with fellow founders in a startup environment.