Startup support for clinicians, healthcare professionals, and medtech innovators.

Techscaler is partnering with the Chief Scientist Office to support the development of skills that will fast-track ideation and growth of innovative health solutions.

Suitable for:

  • Medical and care workers
  • NHS and private healthcare professionals
  • Academic and industry health professionals
  • MedTech and HealthTech founding teams

What are the CSO Regional Innovation Hubs?

NHS Scotland has three Regional Innovation Hubs located in the North, West, and South East regions. These Regional Innovation Hubs play a vital role in connecting and supporting the "triple helix model" for innovation opportunities as part of the national innovation network in NHS Scotland.

The Chief Scientist Office (CSO) is an integral part of the Scottish Government's Health and Social Care directorate. Its primary responsibility is to guide health research, innovation, and progress in Scotland. The CSO takes a lead role in bringing together NHS Scotland Boards to function collectively in an effort to make Scotland a hub for health research, development, and innovation. Additionally, the CSO works in partnership with academia and the life sciences sector to ensure the growth and prosperity of Scotland's life sciences industry.

If you apply and join Techscaler as a business operating in the health and medical industry, you may be invited to receive additional support from your local CSO Regional Innovation Hub. Please note that the support offered by the CSO Regional Innovation Hubs is at their discretion.

Find out moRe on the CSO website

"Transformational innovations for the NHS"

“I welcome this collaboration, which will result in transformative innovations for the NHS and help to ensure that Scotland is the best location for life sciences companies.”

Anna Dominiczak

Chief Scientific Advisor for Health

Healthcare Professionals interest in startups

If you're curious about startups and how to turn an innovative idea into a solution that can help solve a problem for patients, and / or the NHS, then the Techscaler Community is for you.
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  • Startup Basics

    A free online self-paced programme available to everyone via Techscaler’s online community platform, designed to demystify startups, suitable for people exploring a career in startups, for anyone with an idea or an interest in startups who’s not sure how best to get started.

  • Community Forum

    A peer-led online community platform provides an accessible space for people in startups to share knowledge, collaborate on ideas, and gather around challenges. Reach people you otherwise might not have been able to reach and hear from people who have already been through it all.

  • Meetups & Events

    Hosted meetups, events, common spaces, and in-person gatherings allow you to surround yourself with fellow founders in a startup environment. Connections made along the startup journey give you a network of like-minded people to learn from and lean on.

Existing Spinouts & Regional Innovation Hub Collaborators

If you are a founder of an existing healthtech or medtech spinout or viable company, or if you are currently collaborating with the Regional Innovation Hubs, Techscaler has tailored support, education, and flexible workspace to help you grow and scale your tech startup.
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  • Startup Basics

    A practical 12-week live course for founders or prospective founders at the early stages of their startup journey, looking to get a first version of their product into the market.

  • Startup Next Steps

    A live ten-week course for startup founder teams who are looking to grow traction around their product and work towards  product/market fit. Participants learn to build teams, manage operational aspects, navigate funding cycles, and more, growing traction around their product and working towards product/market fit.

  • Advanced Scale-Up training

    Delivered in partnership with Reforge, the world's leading career development platform for top-tier tech professionals. Combining cohort-based programmes with on-demand access to content, particularly in the areas of growth, marketing, product and engineering.

  • Mentorship Matchmaking

    Guidance and support from expert industry operators, educators, founders and investors. Focus on specialised challenges, receive guidance without an agenda, get an outsider’s perspective, and build on the successes and setbacks of those who have done it before

  • Resources & Playbooks

    Get access to curated content, toolkits, and playbooks created by founders and practitioners with real startup growth experience.

  • Flexible Workspace Network

    Collaborative workspace environments provide the space for startups to grow, allow founders and their teams to connect with peers, gather around challenges, and foster network connections.